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Ridge Augmentation

iStock_000002879017XSmall.jpgWhen you lose teeth, and do not replace them, the jawbone deteriorates where the tooth socket once was. This makes it difficult and, in some instances, impossible to get dental implants or dentures later on. You may not have had the financial means at the time of the extraction for restorative surgery, but you may have the money now. The good news is that we can perform a process called ridge augmentation to restore the bone structure that is needed for restorative procedures such as dental implants. The process involves lifting the gum from the ridge to expose the defective area of the bone. Then the dentist uses a bone like substance to fill the void. The ridge augmentation greatly increases the chances for success with the implants. With ridge augmentation, your implants will last for years.

Moss Point Dentist | Ridge Augmentation. Wayne Adkison is a Moss Point Dentist.